Poetry and Peeps

Peeps and poetry make the perfect combination.  Want to find out how?  Keep reading.

 Earlier this week, this springtime staple made an appearance in my classroom.

We used these sugary, squishy chicks to write an adjective build-a-poem (one of my all time favorite poetry projects). Whether you love or hate Peeps, it's easy to come up with lots of adjectives to describe them.

When I use this activity, I give each student a Peep.

First, I give them a moment to examine it, smell it, and feel it.  Then, I let them eat it.

After the examination and sampling, we make a list of adjectives that describe the candy.

The students then use the adjectives to write their own poems.

Writing a build-a-poem can be a bit tricky for younger students because there are so many words to keep track of, so I always guide them through this process one line at a time. Don't worry, I don't tell them which adjectives to use, that is entirely up to them. 

As you can see below, each new line of the poem introduces a new adjective and then repeats the adjectives from the line above.

Once the poems are written, I have the students make a quick and simple craft to pair with their writing.  This sponge painted calorie-free, paper Peep was so simple to make and looks great!  Hehe.  

Another thing I love about this poem is that it makes for a super quick and easy bulletin board display! 

I originally shared this idea back when I first started this blog.  But, at that time, I had about 3 followers, so hopefully the idea is new to you! ;)

This poem, and templates for the bunny and chick crafts, are available as a free download in my TpT store.

Click {here} to download a copy for yourself!

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