Counting Coin Eggs, Silly Carrots, and More {Five for Friday}

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Spring Break has officially begun.  That is all.

Ok, so that's not all.  It has been a rough road leading up to our super late break this year.  So, I brought in a basket of goodies to bribe the kids today. It worked like a charm!  Whenever I caught someone being good, they got a candy-filled egg...and they got to eat it at their desk.  What?!

We have been practicing our coin counting skills like cuh-razy lately.  So, today, I busted out some plastic eggs filled with coins.  I numbered the eggs 1-10 and placed them in some inexpensive Easter tubs.  I'm never above novelty, my friends.  Each table group got one basket of eggs.

The kids counted the coins contained inside each egg and recorded their answers on the provided recording page.

You can grab a copy of this recording page {HERE} for free! 

I updated my End of the Year Activities pack on TpT.  It originally included second grade specific pages, but, after receiving many requests, I added pages for first and third grade.  If you already own this file, please be sure to download the most updated version.  If you'd like to check it out, click {here}!

We made these super cute, super funny carrots!

We also wrote an opinion paragraph about carrots to go with these silly guys. I was surprised to learn that only 3 kids do not like carrots. You can find this fun craft and writing activity by From the Pond {here}.

 Doodlebugs and see what everyone else has been up to!
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  1. Thank you for the money counting egg lesson! (I'll be sure to buy some super discounted eggs after Easter for next year.) What a fun practice!

  2. Love the carrots! They may all need braces at this point of their life :)
    My Second Sense


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