Rock the Test!

The testing season is upon us (bleh).  OK, we don't take high stakes testing in second grade, but our third grade neighbors do.  This year, our Student Council coordinated a school wide event where each primary class adopted an intermediate class to support and cheer on through the test taking process.  I decided to go with a "Rock the Test" theme (because it's just too darn cute).

I was so happy to have been able to adopt the third grade class next door because many of the students were in my class last year and the teacher is one of my closest friends! Take a look, maybe you'll be inspired to adopt a class this year!

To get things started, we decorated their door.  Doesn't it look adorable?

The little rock stars are from Tiffany Gannon.  I made the sign and glued it to a few layers of fancy scrapbook paper.

Click {here} for your own {FREE} "Shhh! We're Rockin' the Test" sign.

No need to request that I share it, I have already done so.  Simply download it to your computer.

We also made this poster for the third graders to display at the front of their room.  My students wrote words of encouragement around the lettering I created.

I found these super cute pencil toppers while stalking Pinterest.  I may have jumped with joy when I did because they fit our "Rock the Test" theme perfectly!

You can find these free pencil toppers from Stephanie McConnell {here}.

We also drew pictures and wrote letters to each of the third graders. 

The writing paper was included in Tiffany's Rockin' Out the Test pack.

That's not all we have planned for our neighbors!  We are going to send them some refreshing water with custom made labels.  Testing is hard work!  I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew that my students would love making a special water bottle label.  They turned out so cute!

To make the labels, I simply peeled off the old label, measured it, and then cut some copy paper to that size.  The students decorated the new labels and then I taped them to the bottles.  Easy peasy!

Finally, I also put together a goodie jar.  A little sugar usually motivates me!

You can find this adorable, free, label from Tessa Maguire {here} on TpT.

It was a lot of fun finding ways to motivate these students during testing.  If your students are getting ready to test I wish them (and you) the best of luck!  And, if you aren't testing, but would like to cheer on another class, I hope you've seen some ideas that you might be able to use.

Be sure to visit my Testing Time board on Pinterest for even more test motivation ideas!



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  1. Super cute, Aimee! These will be perfect for my 5th graders and our rockstar theme! Thank you! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pencil toppers...made my day. Stephanie from Principal Principles

    1. Thank you for creating and sharing them! I'm so excited to share them with the third graders tomorrow!


  3. Aimee you are so inspiring! I LOVE this post! Way to motivate the 3rd graders! We did something similar about rocking the test last year to encourage our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and teachers, but next year I will definitely tell my team about this awesomeness. The labels for water bottles, and pencil toppers. So stinking cute! Have a fabulous day sweet friend.


  4. How sweet to adopt a class and cheer them on! I love it! Thanks for sharing the super cute ideas and the door poster too!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. Of course you chose the "Rock the test" theme! SO fitting! I LOVE that you got to "adopt" an upper grade class. I am sure they are enjoying all your supportive words and treats. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas. You are the best!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  6. HOW stinking cute. I love that y'all adopted a class… I'm in 3rd grade and think y'all should probably come to OUR school next year and adopt us :) but, nonetheless, I'm sure those third graders & their teachers appreciated it more than words can express! Thank you so much for sharing such great ideas!

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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