Favorite Read Alouds of 2019

Teaching and read alouds go together like peanut butter and jelly. There's nothing like finding and falling in love with a new picture book and then sharing it with your students. Year after year, I add new books to my read aloud collection. And, every year, my list of favorite books gets longer and longer.

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Here are all my favorite read alouds from this year (2019). Please note, I may have added these books to my collection this year, but that doesn't mean they were published this year. Some are older, but they were new to me so I happily added them to my collection.

This collection features a variety of titles and are listed in no particular order.

The Cool Bean is a fun read that proves that being kind is cool.

The Good Egg reminds the reader (you too, teachers) of the importance of self-care.

The Bad Seed is perfect for teaching students about self-acceptance. I added this to my collection a few years ago, but had to mention it in this post in case you don't own it. It's by the same author of the The Cool Bean and The Good Egg. This trio of books is so great for discussing big ideas and concepts.

Tiny T. Rex is probably the cutest story about kindness and overcoming obstacles.

We Don't Eat Our Classmates is a great book for the first few weeks back to school, or any time your kids need a refresher. It's a funny story, but also a great tool for talking about how to treat others. I hesitated for the longest time with this book, but I am so glad I finally got it. My students thought it was funny and we were able to have a great conversation about how to treat our classmates.

Llama Destroys the World is a crazy read aloud. It's truly just a silly story, but kids love it. Mine laughed out loud throughout the read aloud. If there's a special teachable moment in this book, I missed it because I was too busy laughing right alongside my students.

Sick Simon is THE perfect read aloud when talking about germs and how they are spread. The illustrations are super gross (look closely at that cover), but that's a good thing. Kids can really see just how yucky germs are.

Puppy Mind has quickly become a favorite book for talking about being present. I find that this is a topic that we come back to often and using picture books is an effective way to revisit this conversation.
Do you have any favorite read alouds you found this year? Share them in the comments! We'd love to learn about more great books.


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