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Color by code activities are a must. This post is all about why I love them so much. Oh, and I want you to love color by code as much as I do so this post also includes a FREEBIE!

So, color by code...what's the big deal? The big deal is, they are perfect for practicing skills that might not otherwise be all that interesting. More specifically, when they are used to practice skills that require a great deal of repetition (like math facts, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and identifying parts of speech) kids get excited to practice their skills.

Let's take a look at why color by code is (in my opinion) a must:
  • They are non-threatening. Students look at it as a fun activity that they want to do. 
  • They can be used to offer students repetitive practice with specific skills.
  • They incorporate art, which often times gets pushed to the side.
  • They give students some much needed fine motor skill practice. 
  • When coloring one space at a time, students are more likely to color neatly (and if you set up expectations ahead of time, this helps too).
  • They require students to pay attention to detail. 
  • They foster independence in students as they continue to practice their skills over and over in a non-threatening way.

We do a lot of multi-digit addition and subtraction color by code pages in my classroom. I love bringing out seasonal pages.

You can find these color by code pages in my store.

Winter Two and Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Color by Code
Valentine Two and Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Color by Code
Spring Two and Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Color by Code

We also regularly do parts of speech color by code pages. Again, I like to use seasonal ones. A lot. ;)

You can find these parts of speech color by code sets in my store.

Fall Parts of Speech Color by Code
Winter Parts of Speech Color by Code

Now I have some color by code FREEBIES for you! You'll get 6 color by code pages. And, don't worry, they aren't seasonal, so you can use them all year long!

Your freebie includes:
  • Addition to 20
  • Subtraction within 20
  • Two-Digit addition with/without regrouping
  • Two-Digit subtraction with/without regrouping
  • Three-Digit addition with/without regrouping
  • Three-Digit subtraction with/without regrouping

You can grab them by signing up for my newsletter. Just click the picture below. After signing up, check your inbox for your freebie. Easy peasy.


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