Classroom Management: Callbacks in the Classroom

Callbacks, also known as attention getters, are nothing new, but they are one of those classroom management strategies that just work. 

What makes callbacks successful is that they are fun. Students love responding to them and you rarely need to repeat yourself. Sometimes, when I call out "class" and wait for the "yes" response, I just get crickets. Truthfully, I think the students get tired of the same callback all the time. Callbacks add some novelty to the day and elicit an enthusiastic response.

How to Use
With callbacks, there is a teacher phrase and a student phrase. The teacher says their phrase (to get students' attention), then the students respond with their phrase to show that they recognize that it's time to pause and listen.

Introduce each callback to your students before using them. Practice it a few times with the students before actually using it to get their attention. 

Have students place their hands on their shoulders and put their eyes on you after they respond to the callback. Otherwise, they may very likely keep on doing what they were doing once you have initiated the callback. The idea is, you want their attention so you can share information or signal the next activity, so having them freeze in place with their hands away from objects and materials is a good way to do this.

Make sure you have everyone's attention before launching into your announcement or explanation. One simple way to do this is to just stand there and wait. Silently (a few seconds is all it takes). That silent teacher pause is pretty effective at getting students to realize that something is going on. Once you have everyone's attention, start talking.

Stick with callbacks that work for you and your students. Some may just flow better for you, stick with what makes you feel most comfortable. 

Switch up your callbacks. You can change them daily, weekly, or monthly. It's up to you! 

Post your current callback on your whiteboard. This way, students can see it, read it, and never forget it. 

Where can I find callbacks?
If you search callbacks on Google, you will find a ton of options! Here are a few:

T: Hocus pocus!
S: Everybody focus!

T: Peanut butter
S: Jelly time!

T: May the force...
S: Be with you!

T: To infinity...
S: and beyond!

If you liked that last one, then, you are in luck! I created a set of FREE callbacks that are all Disney movie themed. Simply, print, laminate, cut and use! You can post them on your board as you use them, or you can add them to a ring. It's up to you!

Click HERE for your freebie. I hope they make it fun and easy to get your students' attention!

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