Summer Reading Picks 2023

Do you have a favorite summertime activity? Mine is reading. I mean, pool days, lake days, these are nice and all, but I genuinely look forward to all the reading I get done in the summer. If you're a fan of reading and need some book recommendations, then keep on reading!

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First, let me just say don't have to read these books during the summer. In fact, a few of my recommendations are kind of fall specific. These picks will get you through the summer and beyond!

I do most of my reading on my Kindle these days, but I still buy books and check them out from the library. There's just something wonderful about holding an actual book. All of the books mentioned in this post can be downloaded to a Kindle, or purchased in paperback/hardback. And, don't forget to see if your public library has any of these titles!

Let's start off with my most favorite closed door "rom com" series, the Paradise Bay series. I've read all six books, and I hope the author comes out with more. They are fantastic! Each book features different main characters. So, they can be read out of order without causing any sort of confusion. Each meet cute story takes place on the same tropical island. Meet cute stories and the tropics? Yes, please!

Book 3: The Suite Life
Book 6: Beach Please

Sticking with closed door rom coms, I'd say the Sheet Cake Sweet Rom Com series is another great one. So far, there are three books (book four is on the way). The series features familiar characters. And, each book features two of the familiar characters and their story. Sheet Cake, by the way, is a reference to the name of the (most likely made-up) town in Texas where the stories take place. 

Apparently, I'm into series these days. I read the Spark House series last week. It was really good. Each story features one of the Spark sisters as the main character. They own an event hotel and are very close to one another. Their stories, of course, involve finding love and navigating the obstacles that come with that. I didn't read the series in order because when I read the first one, I happened to find it at the library and just jumped right in. With that said, each story is a stand alone story and you do not need to read them in order. 

These next two books were soooooo good. I read them last fall, because, well pumpkin and maple sugar...but you could read them anytime. The series is called Autumnboro Sweet Romance (closed door rom coms). Pumpkin Everything was made into a Hallmark movie! Once again, even though it's a series, you could read the stories in any order. 

Next up, some fun cozy mysteries! I read two books in the Beachfront Bakery series. I plan to read more, but I can only read so many mysteries in a row. Hehe. I love the setting of these books, and it is fun to see the main character, who is a baker, unfold the mystery at hand. The nice thing about cozy mysteries is that they are very tame. No scary scenes. In other words, you won't be having any nightmares. ;)

I also read two books in the Bonnie and Clyde cozy mystery series. Bonnie is the main character and Clyde is her cat. One again, you get the thrill of a mystery, minus the yucky, scary stuff. Bonnie is a seamstress/business owner who is recently single and moved back home. Oh, and in her spare time, she solves mysteries. Haha!

Honestly, there are MORE books I could share, but this post would never end. Be sure to visit my reading picks page on Amazon for a complete list of all my favorite books. CLICK HERE to check it out!

If you have a great book you'd like to share, drop it in the comments below!

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