"Bee" a Good Friend Writing

Valentine's Day in the classroom can be lots of fun. It's a great time to focus on friendship with your students. This time of year students can always use a refresh on what it means to be a good friend.

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We read lots of books about friendship. Check out my favorites below:

Here's a linked list, which also includes a few other books not shown here.

Then, we make an anchor chart listing what makes a good friend and ways that the students are good friends. I forgot to take a pic of this - ugh! But, I think you get it. ;)

After we have sufficiently talked about friendship, the students write a paragraph telling how they are a good friend. We use this adorable writing paper and then make the fun little craft to go with it. You can make a yellow bee, or a pink bee if you want to be super festive. So cute, right?

I display the students' writing and crafts on our hallway bulletin board along with the bee craft. 

I like to place a piece of red construction paper behind each piece of writing. I display the writing in rows and then scatter the bees between their work. It makes for a super cute and festive display.

You can easily replicate this board by using my FREEBIES linked below!



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