Amazon Must Haves for the Classroom

It's time to share some more Amazon must-haves for the classroom. Amazon is one of the most convenient places for teachers to get what they need. I find the majority of my classroom items on Amazon. Their pricing is great and you can't beat Prime shipping.

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This is not the first time I've shared some Amazon must-haves. You can check out other must-have items for your classroom by clicking here. 

With that said, here are some MORE amazing Amazon must-haves for your classroom. :)

This past year, I invested in an easel. Those fancy ones from Lakeshore and Really Good Stuff are too pricey for me. But this office style easel has proven to be very useful and effective. You can adjust the height, it's magnetic, and it has a whiteboard surface. I expect to get several years out of it. Click here to check out all the details.

Heavy Duty Paper
I used to print all my task cards, write the room cards, and reward tags on card stock. Which I would then laminate for added durability. But, using all that card stock eventually wore out my printer.

Now, I prefer to use 28 or 32 lb. printer paper. It's a higher quality, thick printer paper (thicker than your standard printer paper). And, the color always looks more vibrant. Once laminated, it's nice and durable and everything holds up really well. These two are my favorite:

HP 28 lb. paper
HP 32 lb. paper

Charging Stations
As my collection of classroom tech grew, I realized I needed a way to keep my devices organized while they charged. Beyond that, I needed something to contain the nightmarish collection of cords that was taking over that corner of the room. Cords are like the visual equivalent to nails being dragged on a chalkboard.

These bamboo charging stations are perfection. There is a power strip inside the base where each device is plugged in. Any cords that hang out of the charging station are wrapped together and now the cords stay out of sight and the kids know where to put the devices when they're finished with them.

Amazon sometimes runs out of the bamboo color, but they also offer a version in black. Click here for the item I purchased to check out the available color options.

Hole Punch
Yes, a hole punch made the list. Hehe. Over the years, my hands have become weak and prone to inflammation. Hole punching can be a more difficult and uncomfortable task than it needs to be. Enter this hole puncher.

It fits in the palm of your hand and has an ergonomic design. Best of all, it punches really easily. You don't have to squeeze too hard at all. This reduced effort hole punch is from Paper Pro (Bostitch). I ordered several so I have a backup, and one at home. Check it out here.

Oil Timer
This oil timer is a great tool for keeping kids focused during independent work time. I choose a time keeper (aka time manager) who comes to the front of the room during independent work time. They hold the timer while keeping an eye on the rest of the class. When the timer runs out, they place it on another student's desk (a student who was working the whole time and not talking). You can read more about this classroom management idea here. 

Click here to see this oil timer on Amazon.

Keyboard Covers
I know most people use these to cover their keyboards and make them look more fun and colorful. I use them as a word work center. Simply place a set of words out with these keyboard skins and you have yourself an instant center.

No, there is no accountability with this center. But, it does expose kids to a keyboard as they practice typing words they need to know. If this idea appeals to you, click here to see the keyboard covers I purchased.

LCD Boards
Another fun word work tool I've found on Amazon are these LCD writing boards. The kids love them! I mostly use them in our small groups when we practice sight words or specific phonics skills. These boards are a bit different than a mini whiteboard which is why the kids love them. It's different and being able to use them creates immediate buy in. Click here to see the boards I purchased on Amazon.

Harry Potter Style Glasses
If you like adding a bit of novelty to your day, then consider purchasing these glasses. My kids love wearing them during small groups, independent reading, or when working on their sight words. Kids who already wear glasses have been known to put them on over their regular glasses. If something as little as a pair of fun glasses motivates my students to read, I'm here for it. Click here to check these out.

Cap Erasers
I don't know about you, but my students always go through pencil erasers faster than they go through actual pencils. One day, I looked at our pencil bucket and noticed that most of the pencils still had a lot of life in them, they were just missing erasers. The solution was simple, get some cap erasers! These Paper Mate ones are my favorite because they erase and hold up really well.

For around $4-5 you get 144 erasers, which lasts for quite some time. Click here.

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