Amazon Must-Haves for the Elementary Classroom

Teachers love Amazon. It's convenient and they basically sell anything and everything you could ever need. Oh, and they offer Prime shipping. Ahhh, Prime. Enough said.

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I find most of my classroom items on Amazon. Again, they're easy to order from, and it's also easy to return stuff. Here are some amazing Amazon must haves for your classroom.

Magnetic Sentence Strip Pockets
These magnetic pocket strips are perfect for displaying anything you write on sentence strips, obviously. ;) But they are also great for displaying your weekly vocabulary or spelling words. I've even used them to display reward tags that I wanted to pass out on a given day. They are strong and sturdy. You won't have to worry about them falling off the board.

I own the small, large, and extra large sets. They each come in handy depending upon what I want to display.

Frixion Markers 
These pens are a game changer. They are erasable. Erasable! And not the kind of erasable where you still see what you've written. The ink is completely erased. They are amazing. The ink is erased using friction from the special eraser attached to each pen. I use these pens when grading (because sometimes I make mistakes) and when filling in my weekly planner. I find that as I plan I have to make lots of changes along the way. The erasable pen makes this an easy task.

I use the felt tip markers (usually for grading) as well as the fine tip gel pens (for my planner).

The planner shown in the above pic is great. It fits my needs perfectly. Click here to take a look at it. The link will take you to the 2019-2020 planner.

Full Page Avery Labels
First of all, I didn't even know full page labels were a thing until this year. My friend shared them with me and I fell in love. As much as you can love a label anyway. These are great for creating covers for student folders. I used them this year to print covers for the fluency folders I sent home with students for extra practice. The labels stick really well to the plastic folders, in case you were wondering. :)

I've shared this wireless doorbell in a past classroom management post. It is a great (and affordable) tool to have in your classroom. It is perfect for getting students' attention, signaling that an activity is over, or letting students know that their voice levels are getting too loud. You can use it however you see fit. Click HERE to take a look at the doorbell.

Wireless Glue Gun
I got one of these glue guns a few years ago, and it has been a very convenient tool to have. Whether I'm gluing labels to storage bins, decor items, or anything and everything in between, this tool makes it easier to do because I'm not anchored down by a short plug. Just let the glue gun heat up, remove the cord, and start gluing. It stays hot for 5-6 minutes allowing you to glue plenty of things in that time. Simply plug it back in to heat it back up if needed. Trust me, if you find yourself using a glue gun at all in your classroom, you need this wireless glue gun.

Chart Paper
Once upon a time I was lucky enough to have the Post-It brand chart paper provided. Well, not anymore. If I want to make anchor charts (or graphs like the one shown below), I need to use my own chart paper. I like the Pacon chart pads best. They are inexpensive and the paper is a bit thicker than other brands out there.

Chart Pens
If you're going to be making charts with your class, you need some good chisel-tip pins. Bright, colorful colors are always a good choice. It also doesn't hurt when they smell really good too. Hehe. My favorite markers for making charts are the Mr. Sketch markers. I'm known for loving the nacho cheese flavor best.

Adhesive Velcro Dots
Adhesive velcro dots are great for labeling things that need to be switched out often. I use them to label my fast finisher drawers (sorry, no pic of those). I change out the activities every so often, so being able to just remove the label and attach a new one is awesome. I also use these dots on my morning tub drawers. I can quickly move labels around to designate which table group gets which drawer. Best of all, the dots are removable, so if I need to reposition them, or remove them entirely, I can.

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