Summer Reading Picks for Teachers {2018}

Summer and reading go hand in hand. Am I right? For me, it's the time of year when I can really settle in with a book and enjoy the content. Summer started a few weeks ago and I've already managed to read some great books. And, I also have a list of TBR books at the ready.

Summer Reading Recommendations for Teachers

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Keep reading to learn about all of my 2018 summer reading picks. Warning: I don't read books with heavy content. They just aren't my thing. I like to keep it light. I like to escape reality. I like to avoid sadness, destruction, and agony. If you're the same kind of reader, then these picks will be right up your alley!

You can probably find many of these books at your local library, but sometimes the newer titles can be harder to get your hands on (at least that's the case at my library). If you can relate, Amazon links have been provided for your convenience. :)

This summer, I finally started reading on a Kindle. Not exclusively. I do prefer an actual book, but sometimes the Kindle book prices can't be beat, and it's nice being able to take multiple books with you, without all the bulk.

Books I've Already Read (and Highly Recommend)

Confessions of a Domestic Failure- This book is hilarious. It's also real and honest. I can't say enough good things about it. The story centers around Ashley Keller who is both overwhelmed and in love with being a new mom. She isn't a perfect Pinterest mom, and she doesn't have it all together. She's kind of a hot mess, just like many moms in the real world. It's an easy read you won't regret.

Fitness Junkie- In this story, Janey Sweet finds herself getting caught up in a whirlwind of fitness fads all in the name of losing weight to appease her judgmental bestie and business partner. Don't worry, she sobers up and teaches that guy a lesson and learns to love herself for who she is. Girl power.

The Knockoff- This book is written by the same authors of Fitness Junkie. Since I enjoyed that one, I decided to read this one too (actually still reading it as I write this post). The books are not related. The Knockoff is about an up and comer with ambitions of taking over her former fashion idol's position at a magazine. The up comer, Eve, is actually a former assistant to the woman she's trying to replace, Imogen (a top fashion editor) and the generational differences between the two adds to the drama. It's good!

The Hating Game- This was a spicy read, friends. You've been warned. But, the story is fun. Basically, the two main characters act like they hate each other, but really they love each other. They have to work in the same small office space making it hard to contain their hate/love for each other. Finally, and reluctantly, they give in and give love a chance.

Innocent in Las Vegas- Sometimes I like to read mysteries, but only if they aren't heavy, or gory. Or scary. This series meets my requirements: light and easy to read, but still fun to try and figure out "who done it." Plus, it's set here in Vegas! It was an easy read. I finished it in one day. This book is the first in a series so we meet the main character, Tiffany, who is blackjack dealer looking to get her PI business off the ground. She is hired to solve a murder mystery. Sounds heavy, but I promise you, it is not. It is light, entertaining, and a relaxing read. I'll probably read more in the series soon.

TBR (To Be Read) Picks That You Might Want to Read Too

Small Admissions-This book is my next read. It's about a woman who accepts a job in private school admissions. It sounds like a (light) fun read!

According to a Source- I'm a sucker for any book that is set in Hollywood and centered around celebrity gossip (although, I'm pretty sure they will be made up celebrities-hehe). I can't wait to read this gem.

Matchmaking for Beginners- The lead character in this story finds that her new marriage has ended but somehow ends up becoming a matchmaker. Even though she doesn't know how. Sounds funny.

When Life Gives You Lululemons- I'm a fan of The Devil Wears Prada, and this book features the assistant, Emily, from Devil. Overall, it's story about friendship and rich people behaving badly. What's not to love?

Crazy Rich Asians- Before I watch this movie, I want to read the book. The movie previews looked good, so I have high hopes that the book will be even better. It's actually a trilogy, so I've already decided that if I like this one, I'll read the other two books too. Can't wait!

Where are the Nonfiction Picks?
I usually include a few PD books in my reading picks, but this year I'm so focused on relaxing and recharging, that it's all about the fiction.

For more reading ideas and suggestions, click HERE (2017 Summer Reading List) and HERE (2016 Summer Reading List). You'll find lots of fiction and nonfiction picks in these posts.

Do you have a book to recommend? Leave the title in the comments! :)


Summer Reading Recommendations for Teachers

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  1. LOVE IT! We seem to have similar tastes in books (light humor), I'm a BIG cozy mystery fan and love and even seek out books that are based in the cities of states and countries I've lived in. Thanks for sharing this. I'm particularly interested in checking out The Knockoff, Innocent in Las Vegas and Matchmaking for Beginners.

    1. I'm so glad you liked the suggestions. :) It's always fun to read books based in cities you know well. I hope you check out the Knockoff. I think it has been my favorite summer read so far.


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