Summer Reading List for Teachers {2017}

It's summer.  The sun is shining, the temps are rising, the days are longer, and there is more time to sit back and relax.  One of my favorite ways to relax during summer is to sit down and read a good book.  A good book and an ice cold drink makes for a day well spent. Plus, it's cheap entertainment!

Summer Reading Recommendations for Teachers
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I'm joining my sweet friend, Molly, from Lucky to be in First to share my 2017 summer reading list.  Read on for some great recommendations as well as a list of books I look forward to reading!

My recommendations are first up.  These are books that I'm pretty sure you'll love as much as I did. Warning: I don't read heavy stuff.  I like to keep it light and fun. Anyhoo, I truly loved each of these books and I'm hoping you do too!

I love, love, love this series.  I read each of these books in no time flat.  I just couldn't put them down.  Each book focuses on a different character, but all the characters play a part in each book. There are three books and they do need to be read in order, starting with Party Girl.
  • Party Girl: Sweet Landon moves to L.A. to pursue her dream of working in event planning. She soon learns that her dream job is anything less than dreamy, but ultimately comes out on top because she was willing to take a chance on herself.
  • Sweet Girl: This is book two in the "Girl's" series.  This book is all about Max, a character from Party Girl.  Max pursues her dream of becoming a pastry chef but meets lots of obstacles along the way.  Don't worry, there's another happy ending in it for you. :)
  • Smart Girl: This is the third book in the series.  This story is about Miko, one more character from Party Girl.  She's quirky and smart and her story will make you laugh out loud more than once.
Little Beach Street Bakery: I love books about women finding/bettering themselves.  I also love books that have anything to do with baked goods. This book has both! You'll love reading the story of Polly finding her place in this world, and you might even drool a bit over the recipes at the back of the book.  :)
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: This book continues the story of Polly, from Little Beach Street Bakery. Another great read.
Pattern Play #2: Ok, so this is a coloring book, not a novel.  Buuuuuut, it too is a relaxing way to pass the time.  The designs in this book are fun and whimsical, and printed on high quality paper.  If you like to color, check it out!
In Defense of Read Aloud: If you are looking to read something teaching related, I really enjoyed this book.  It was a great reminder as to why read aloud is important and should be a part of our daily repertoire in the classroom.  There are also lots of great read aloud suggestions and strategies for making your read alouds meaningful.

Having read the books above, it's time to get my hands on some new reading material!  Most of these books are currently sitting on my nightstand just waiting for me to crack them open.  And, I can't wait to get started!

If I Could Turn Back Time: The premise of this book reminds me of the movie 13 Going on 30, only on a deeper level (maybe...I hope...or just sounds like a fun read).  We shall see!

Once Upon a Wine: I'll read anything by Beth Kendrick, so I had to add this one to my collection.

The Hating Game: The title of this book seems pretty harsh, but it sounds like a cute romantic comedy of sorts.  You know the formula, guy and girl think they hate each other so they do unkind things to each other, but then they realize that maybe they don't hate each other after all.

All Fall Down: This one came recommended by a friend.  She has great taste, so I'm ordered my own copy.  It has a more serious story line, but Jennifer Weiner is a good storyteller, and I always enjoy her books.

Who's Doing the Work?:  Just reading the cover of this book makes me want to read it.  I want a classroom of independent readers, am I doing all that I can to encourage this?  Hmmmm....definitely want to read this book.

If you're interested in more recommendations, click HERE and HERE. :)

You can check out more great summer reading recommendations by vising Lucky to be in First HERE.

Do you have a great summer reading recommendation of your own?  Leave the title in a comment below and I'll be sure to check it out!


Summer Reading Recommendations for Teachers

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