Owls at Night {A Directed Drawing}

I think it is safe to say that I have a new classroom obsession...directed drawings.  While they aren't completely new to me, I have certainly been doing more and more of them lately.  We recently made these super cute Owls at Night drawings.

How to Draw an Owl

I love how directed drawings require the students to stop, listen, and think.  There is nothing impulsive about a directed drawing.  I always tell my kids to watch me carefully as I model the drawing, one step at a time. Then, I tell them to think about what they just saw and how that should look on their own paper.  I encourage them to visualize what it should look like on their paper before they start drawing, and as they draw it.

Aside from working on listening skills and attention to detail, I also love how directed drawings give my students the confidence to try new things in their own drawings.

Here's a look at our latest batch of drawings.  They are so darn cute! 

I used these steps to walk students through the drawing process.  I had them draw with pencil first, and then they traced their lines with a Sharpie.  You can grab a free copy of the steps by clicking HERE.

Once we drew the owl, the students used a white crayon to create a night sky. Some students drew stars.

Others drew asterisks.  Drawing stars is still tough for some second graders, so I showed them both options and let them choose the style they were most comfortable with.

Then, it was time to paint!  We used watercolors, and the kids thought it was pretty cool when the stars "magically" appeared once they painted their skies.  #crayonresistforthewin

Since we were painting owls at night, we discussed the types of colors we might want to use for the background.  We agreed that black or dark blue would work best, but sometimes, watercolors aren't always as dark as we'd like them to be (and, that's OK).  They look great hanging on our wall and the kids are so proud!


How to Draw and Owl


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