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This week, I had my final observation of the year.  You know, the "formal" one.  Although it went well, I'm not here to brag about that. ;)  Instead, I'm here to brag about a fun project that my students did today! 

We spent this week reviewing two-digit addition and subtraction. Since my kiddos have gotten pretty good at this skill, I thought they might have fun bragging about their "mad skills" by creating their very own set of two-digit addition and subtraction brag tags!

As you know, I use brag tags in my classroom as part of my classroom management system.  These special necklaces are a huge hit with the students, so I knew they would love to make their own necklaces that show off their two-digit addition and subtraction skills.  And, they did!  They were so excited about this project!

Interested in using the idea? It's easy!  Here's what you'll need:
  • yarn (I cut it ahead of time)
  • brag tag template (download HERE for free) copied onto construction paper or card stock
  • pencils and/or markers
  • hole punch
The download includes student directions, but I added a few things.  For example, I told the kids that they had to: 
  • have an equal number of addition and subtraction problems
  • create problems that included regrouping (I didn't tell them how many problems needed to include regrouping, I jut wanted to make sure they had a mixture of problems with and without regrouping)
  • decorate each tag with marker and/or colored pencil
Before they decorated their tags with marker or colored pencil, I checked their math.  Once they were given the "OK," they were allowed to decorate.

Here is look at a few more of their completed brag tags.

    Once I checked their work and gave them the go ahead to trace their problems, they decorated each tag, cut them all out, and then assembled them into necklaces.  I helped them tie the yarn, and yes they all seemed to finish at the same exact moment, but that's life in the classroom, right?  Hehe.


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