Weekend Warriors: November Necessities {Sunday's List}

Welcome back to another installment of Weekend Warriors! This weekend, my gal pals and I are sharing our necessities.

I hope you're ready for today's list!  Here we go!

Stickers.  Love them or hate them, they are a necessity in my classroom.  I have a drawer full of them.  As in, an entire desk drawer.  Full of stickers.  I may have a slight addiction.  There are so many cute ones out there, and they're usually cheap.  Can you blame me?   Below is just a sampling of what I have and use.  

So, what do I use them for?  Whenever a student earns 100% on an assignment or test, they get a sticker next to their score.  When the students read to me during assessments they get a sticker. Sometimes I just give them out randomly to kids who are making good choices, and I put them in the students' agendas each day that they return their homework.    

Another necessity is my EZ Grader.  It is so much easier that using a calculator to figure out percentages when grading. Hence, the name EZ Grader.  There have been times that I left this tool at school when I've taken things home to grade.  And, when that happens, I don't grade at home. Yep, I love this tool that much.

New student bags are also a must.  I know I've already shared them before (in this post), but really, they are a genuine necessity.

There is nothing worse than getting that little slip of paper in your box 30 minutes before school starts informing you that a new student will arrive that day.  No one has time to dig out all the materials needed for that!  So, I keep a bag of materials at the ready.  I can quickly stock the new student's desk and send home my second grade information without much effort at all.  

Typically, my new student bags include:
  • my welcome letter and handbook for parents to reference
  • notebooks/journals
  • folders (homework folder, unfinished work folder, and writing folder)
  • a name stick, a clothespin for the clip chart, a cubby label, and a job card (I just quickly write their names on these items and place them in their designated spaces around the room)
  • a nameplate for the students' desk
Finally, I could not live without my grade book from Creative Teaching Press. This is actually the first year that I have used a paper and pencil version, but I couldn't live without it.  We recently switched online grading programs. The new system is very time consuming and it wouldn't be fair of me to hold onto the students papers for long periods of time, so this way, I can write down their scores and enter the grades when I have the time.  Thank goodness these still exist!

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  1. I'm with you on the stickers - obsessed {and I have a VERY hard time sharing them with the kids!} I need to start making those new student bags - I'm always scrambling to gather things the day they arrive!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Haha!! Too funny. But, it can be hard to part with some of the really good ones. ;) Make the bags, it will change your life! We get new students very often, so I cannot even imagine not having them. Thanks for stopping by today!


  2. I have new student bags too! They make life so much easier to help those new little ones get settled when they first arrive. And, one teacher can never have enough stickers. Just ordered 12 new packs here!!! Hehe
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

    1. Stickers are the best!! Although, I am a child of the 80's when sticker collecting was a BIG deal, so maybe I'm just hanging onto my roots. Ha! New student bags are a life saver! A super sweet colleague shared that idea with me my first year of teaching, and I am sooo glad she did!


  3. That bag idea is GENIUS!! I need to have that ready too! <3

  4. Great ideas, thanks! Did you know about the Groovy Greader APP? It is great to use when the E-Z grader is in a safe place.


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