Do You Know How to Cook a Turkey?

I know the "How to Cook a Turkey" theme is not a new one, but this year, I took a different approach to this fun and endearing writing topic.  Hopefully, you'll get a new idea or two from this post!

Last week, I introduced this writing topic to my students by pairing them up and giving them a set of recipes.  They were tasked with identifying what all the recipes had in common (i.e. they all had a list of ingredients, step by step directions, etc). The students recorded their ideas on their mini whiteboards.

We then discussed, whole group, the similarities in all the recipes and I was then able to relate that to the writing they would be doing.  Their writing would also include a list of ingredients, step by step directions, and specific details related to how long the turkey would need to cook, etc.

The next day, the students once again worked with a partner, this time to brainstorm possible ingredients. Then, the students shared their ideas and we made a class anchor chart (forgot to take a picture!!).  Most of their ideas were realistic, but there were a few questionable suggestions such as caramel sauce (this is not the first time a student has suggested this ingredient) and peanut butter. 

The students then wrote the first sentence of their recipe/directions that told the reader what they would need to cook their turkey.

The following day, the students set out to write their directions.  First, we brainstormed the kinds of information that they might include for each step (see anchor chart below).  Then, the students wrote their own sentences, making sure they included details such as baking time, how to do certain tasks, etc.


Enter Monday.  The students worked with a partner to peer edit and revise. 

We spent the past two days publishing.  Instead of publishing their recipes in the form of a paragraph, they published them as a recipe book.  They wrote out each part of the recipe on its own page, and created illustrations to go with each step.  Here is a sampling of their work.

 I love how specific this student got when she wrote her "next" step.

I love this student's concluding sentence and diagram and just had to share it.

I love how these turned out!  They are pretty well written and oh so sweet.  I hope the parents enjoy reading their child's recipe...and, I wonder if any of them will be brave enough to try it out.  Ha!

This writing prompt and materials are from my Write On! The Fall Edition pack.  Click here to see this product on TpT.

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  1. we do something very similar, they always come out really cute. I posted a cute bulletin board to go along with it on our blog, you should check it out.

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