Party On!

We've been partying it up in Room 44 this week!  What are we celebrating, you might ask?  Plural nouns, of course!  I thought I would share some of the fun activities we've done so far.

I introduced our unit with this:

I passed out party hats and opened the gift, after students had shared a few guesses about its contents.  They were convinced that a cake was inside.  Sadly, there was no cake.  I wrapped their Plural Noun Party workbook in there!  I'm sure it was disappointing to them, but still more interesting than me simply passing them out without the fanfare.

Here I am posing (awkwardly, as usual) with the booklet we made together.   Once we finished up the booklet, the students added it to their writing folder so that it can be used as a reference.

We also sorted a set of words into the categories "singular noun" and "plural noun."  My students looooove sorts.

The students also worked in pairs to match up singular nouns to their plural counterparts.  I had each pair of students work together to match up each pair of words so they could record the words on the provided recording sheet.  Then, I let them play "memory" with the cards.

We also went on a word hunt.  I posted 12 nouns around the room.  The students were tasked with writing the plural form of that noun on their recording sheet.  They were allowed to use their workbooks from earlier in the week to help them remember the rules for forming plural nouns.  Once they completed the hunt, I had them pair up with their "teaching buddy" to compare answers.  They were told to see if their answers agreed and if they did not, they were to go back to their booklet for help.  This proved to be very successful and there was a lot of great conversation taking place at this point.

To help keep the party going, the students wore their party hats during each day's activity (they wrote their name inside the hat).  They complained here and there that the hat hurt, but overall, they loved it.  A few even realized today that they could wear their hat "unicorn style."  Silly kids!

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  1. thanks for stopping by...i love the way you surprised the kiddies with workbooks man that sounds like a good way to get a chuckle lol those games!!

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