Got Saxon Phonics? Do you lead your students in whole group sight word practice each day?   Looking to spice up your routine a bit?  Then, this post is for you!

Part of the Saxon program includes daily sight word practice in the form of whole group flash cards. And, I'm sure that there are plenty of non-Saxon users that also do this.  Flashing though the words each day becomes quite lackluster, as I'm sure you can imagine.  Well, here is  a simple solution to that problem...BOOM cards!  I absolutely love these cards!     

I made these cards several years back on a staff development day.  One of our first grade teachers shared the idea ever!  At our "make it and take it" that day, I used some glitter glue/paint to create these three cards. So simple, and surprisingly, one thing I've never felt the need to recreate.

I place the cards in the stack of sight words and whenever we get to a "Boom!" card the kids read it with expression, and in some cases, arm movements.  They love this!

There is the potential for the students to get loud, so you need to discuss that when you introduce the cards. But, I love how they bring a bit of life to an otherwise dull and monotonous exercise.  The kids' faces light up when those "Boom!" cards appear.  The best part is, they never tire of them!

I hope you can find this super simple idea useful!

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