Wooden Snowman Ornaments {Updated Tutorial}

Do you let your students make gifts for their families? This is something that I truly enjoy doing. My students enjoy it too! 

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Several years back, I made a wood slice snowman ornament with my class. It was a hit and I've made this same ornament ever since. This year, I am making the same ornament, only this time, I will be using a different kind of wood.

These precut wooden ornaments are absolutely darling, and perfect for this project. Best of all, they come in bulk and now I have enough ornaments for the next several years! But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Keep reading for ALL the details. :)

What You'll Need
  • wooden ornaments
  • blue acrylic paint
  • silver acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • black paint markers or Sharpies (at least two)
  • orange paint markers or Sharpies (at least two)
  • q-tips
  • Mod Podge

You can find the precut ornaments on Amazon. The set includes 120 ornaments for an amazing price!

If you like the idea of sealing your students artwork, then a coat (or two) of Mod Podge is necessary. You can find this at any craft store, Walmart, and Amazon

Here's What You Need to Do

Step 1
Paint the ornaments blue and silver (see pic below in step 2). I've found it to be a huge time saver with this project when I paint the ornament ahead of time. Also, acrylic paint does not wash out of clothing, so it's probably best that you do the bulk of the painting.

Step 2
Pull two students at a time and get crafty! To create the snowman, paint your students' thumbs. They will make three thumbprints stacked on top of one another to create a snowman body. 

I have my students turn their thumb so that they are making "sideways thumbprints." I also add more white paint to their thumb in between each thumbprint. Let these dry overnight before adding details.

Keep some baby wipes nearby so they can immediately wipe their thumbs clean.

Step 3
Once again, pull two students at a time to add details to the ornaments. Use paint markers or Sharpies (or a combo of both) to create the details. 

Have students use the black marker to draw a hat, two eyes, a mouth, three buttons, and two arms. Then, have them add a carrot nose with the orange marker. 

I like to pull the kids a few at a time because it is something that can easily take place while the rest of the class is working independently on a task. I don't have to set aside a designated time to create the ornaments because I pull them over in twos. This also allows me to explain the task, show a sample, and closely monitor them since paint is involved.

Step 4
Next, use a q-tip to add snowflakes. Simply dip the q-tip in white acrylic paint and make dots around the snowman.

Step 5
Finally, seal the ornament with Mod Podge. Again, this is optional, but it does add a protective layer, and Mod Podge does a great job of making things look more vibrant. 

Step 6
You'll need to tie a piece of twine so that the ornament can hang. If you think your students can handle this independently, have them do it, otherwise, I suggest saving your sanity and just do it yourself.

Now the ornament is ready to send home! I like to package mine up in little kraft bags. I let the kids make a label to attach (sometimes I just use labels from the gift wrapping section at Target). I like these bags from Amazon. I also use them for my birthday bags. 

I hope you are able to use this idea! It's sure to become a keepsake with your students' families. :)


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