Winter Tree Pop Art Tutorial

Quick and easy bulletin board ideas are my favorite. If you're a fan of quick and easy too, then this is the post for you.

winter bulletin board idea

I recently made these winter trees with my students to display in our hallway alongside some winter themed writing. It took us no more than 30 minutes to complete from start to finish!

I just love the contrast of the black and white with the blue backgrounds (other colors would be fun too).
winter bulletin board idea

What You'll Need:
  • tree template
  • Sharpies
  • colored card stock or construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue

How to Make Your Own Winter Trees (Pop Art Style)
Give each student a tree template and a piece of card stock or construction paper.

easy winter bulletin board tutorial

Display some pattern suggestions for decorating the different sections of the tree. You could project some pattern ideas, or you could draw them on the board for students to pick from as they decorate their tree.
easy bulletin board idea

Students will choose one pattern at a time and fill in each section of the tree, one at a time. No need to use pencils, just give each student a Sharpie and have them create their bold pattern that way. This also helps them slow down and pay more attention to what they are doing.

Be sure to remind your students to use a different pattern each time (no repeats within any of the sections of the tree). You might want to model this for your students, one section at a time to make sure they completely understand what to do.

Cut out the tree.

Glue the tree to card stock or construction paper. Trim the card stock or construction paper, if desired.

Hang them up for all to see!

pop art tutorial

That's it. So easy. You can grab the FREE tree template, and pattern suggestions by clicking here. Have fun!


easy winter bulletin board idea and tutorial

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