6 Reasons to Use Reward Tags in the Classroom

Reward tags are my favorite classroom management tool when it comes to helping mold, shape, and recognize behavior in the classroom. Over the years, I have found them to be highly effective and worthwhile. If you've found yourself wondering about reward tags and whether or not they're for you, or you're looking to change up your current classroom management system, then this is the post for you!

Today, I'm sharing 6 reasons I love using reward tags in the classroom.

Classroom Management Reward Tags

Reward tags are a great tool for quickly and easily recognizing students for making good choices, working hard, and accomplishing personal and academic goals.  I have a few blog posts with lots of reward tag specifics. If you're looking for more detailed information on how I use reward tags, store reward tags, etc, be sure to check them out:

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But today's post is all about why reward tags are worth using.  Keep reading to find out why.

They are easy to implement and use.
I like to keep things simple. There are enough things going on in the classroom, so the last thing I need is some complicated, convoluted classroom management system that I can't keep up with. Reward tags have been the perfect tool in this respect.

On the first day of school, I introduce the reward tags to my students. I explain what they are, how they can be earned, and the rules for wearing them.  Just a simple conversation-you don't need a PowerPoint presentation, an elaborate anchor chart, or anything else. Remember, I like to keep it simple, so a simple whole group discussion does the trick for me. To make our conversation more effective and meaningful, I include the students and ask them to offer examples of desired behaviors and that could result in earning a reward tag. I typically revisit this conversation each day during the first week, asking students to explain the rules, expectations, etc. Click HERE for more details.  Once the system is explained, I start awarding tags.  However, they must be earned.  I don't hand them out like there's no tomorrow. 

I keep my reward tags in containers that allow me to easily access them as needed throughout the day. I've organized the tags so I know where to quickly find what I need, as I need it. When I see a behavior deserving recognition, I walk over, grab the tag I need, and give it to the student.  Simple. :)

For more details on how I organize my reward tags, click HERE.

They are low maintenance.
Once you do the initial prep work (print, laminate, cut, and hole punch), you're pretty much good to go! You will have a collection of tags to pull from throughout the year and you simply replenish/add to your collection as needed. There's no need to shop for anything week to week. No need to send home letters asking families to donate to your prize box or classroom store. None of that.

When I first started with reward tags, I prepped about one tray's worth of tags. I wanted to see if they were the right fit for me.  They were! So, once I realized this, I started to make more tags so I had a bigger collection to pull from. Now, I simply replenish my supply during the summer when I spend lots of time binge watching my favorite shows. Prepping reward tags is the perfect "TV job."  A little prep work up front goes a long way with reward tags.

They provide immediate feedback.
When a student demonstrates a desired behavior, makes a good choice, sets an example for others, or accomplishes a goal, I recognize it on the spot by awarding a tag. This way, my students are given positive reinforcement after the desired behavior/effort/choice is demonstrated.  As a result, students feel acknowledged. Using reward tags to positively recognize students' efforts and/or choices tells them that their efforts and accomplishments are valued. 

They encourage positive behavior and social skills.
Using reward tags to immediately recognize positive behavior encourages students to continue to exhibit those same behaviors again and again.  When other students see their classmate earn a reward tag for staying on task while those around them are busy talking and losing track of time, they are encouraged to modify their own behavior and make more of an effort. When Sally earns a tag for being helpful when Billy dropped his pencil box (and everything fell out onto the floor), other students remember this and are more likely to offer help when someone next to them experiences something similar.

They make students feel proud.
Reward tags are like little trophies. They allow students to feel proud of their efforts and accomplishments. When my students earn a new tag, they get to wear their necklace. And, on Fridays, everyone wears their necklace. I frequently catch my students thumbing through their collection of tags.  They read them, count them, and look at them. They like to show their favorite tag to their teaching buddy.  Being able to hold, touch, and look at their tags gives them the opportunity to reflect on everything they've accomplished up to that point.  And you know what that means....they're more motivated to work hard and do their best so they can earn more reward tags.

They are fun.
Yep, I said it.  There's nothing wrong with having a classroom management system that also happens to be fun, it just allows for more student buy-in.  So what makes it a fun system?  Well, for one thing, the tags are bright, colorful, and have pictures on them.  And, they are placed on necklaces...that get to be worn!  As I mentioned above, on Fridays my students wear their necklaces. It's something to look forward to each week. Every Friday, at least one student tells me, "Don't forget, we get to wear our reward tags today."  My students are excited each week to get that necklace around their neck.

A Freebie for You!
To help you get started with reward tags, enjoy this freebie!  If you're already an avid reward tag user, you can still enjoy this freebie...you can never have too many tags, right?  ;)  The freebie includes full color and black/white options, simply use the version you like best. Click HERE to download.

Classroom Management Reward Tag Freebie

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Reward Tag Resources
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I also offer black and white reward tags for those who prefer a more ink friendly option.  :)

Don't forget it, pin it!

Classroom Management Reward Tags

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