Learning with Peeps {Poetry and a STEM Challenge}

Peeps.  Love them or leave them?  I say love them!  They are cheap and you can have so much fun with them in the classroom.

Using Peeps in the Classroom

We recently used Peeps to have a little STEM fun and to write some poems. Keep reading for the specifics, and be sure to stock up on some Peeps so you can have a little Peep themed fun of your own. :)

This Fun Friday activity was a huge hit with my students! They were given a few materials and were challenged with building the tallest tower they could.   I paired them up, gave them their supplies, and a set forth a few ground rules. 

The supplies: 
  • 12 Peeps (we used the bunnies)
  • 2 plastic straws
  • 6 wooden toothpicks
The rules: 
  • They could cut or modify the straw, if desired.
  • They could NOT cut or modify the toothpicks or Peeps.
  • They would have 10 minutes to build their tower.
  • Their tower had to stand on its own.
The challenge was tackled without hesitation.  The towers were all different, and some weren't very tower-like at all, but the engagement, problem solving, and team work that went on during those 10 minutes were amazing.

When the challenge was over, I walked from tower to tower and measured each one (that was standing) with a yardstick.  The tallest tower stood a whopping 17 inches high!

I pretty much do this writing activity with my students every year.  After eating a Peep, we brainstormed adjectives and used them to write an adjective poem, build a poem style.

Using Peeps to Write Poems

You can read about the process in detail HERE.

And, you can grab the freebie HERE.  :)

So, what are you waiting for?  Go stock up on those Peeps before they are gone!


Using Peeps for STEM and Writing

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