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It's time for Weekend Warriors!  I love our monthly link up.  I really do!  Our goal has always been to share great ideas with you, but we are always striving to make things better.  Over the past month we've made some exciting changes to Weekend Warriors.  First, we have a new look!  Eek, don't you just love it? 

Another change we've made is to open up the linky!  That's right, if you have a blog and some ideas to share that go with the current month's theme, then grab the buttons, post away, and link up!  We'd love to check out your ideas!

So, let's get started with this month's theme!  This month, we are linking up to share our favorite Open House ideas, and more!  We hope to share some fun ideas that you can use at your own Open House, or whatever annual nightly event your school might host.

Warning, you are about to be photo bombed.  My apologies in advance.  But, I have lots of ideas to share with you. Each of which helped make our Open House a successful event.  I truly hope you can take an idea or two away from this post!

We recently had our Open House, so I thought it would be fun to take a peek at what we did.  This year we spruced up the inside of our classroom by displaying new work on our bulletin board. It's always so nice to hang fresh work up for these kinds of events.  The kids had a blast making this adorable display from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers.  They wrote about why their future will be so bright.  The parents loved this display!

I kept our self-portraits up so the kids could play a guessing game with their families (you may recall from a few posts ago, that I never take this board down, or change it out).  A few weeks ago, I removed the name tags that were on display with their artwork. With the names gone, the kids asked their families to figure out which portrait was theirs.  It was a fun to watch this!

If you're looking for a fun way to get students interacting with their families and their work, this is a simple way to do so.  Just have your kiddos complete a self portrait, put them on display, and watch the fun unfold!

Look for quick and easy projects to fill smaller spaces in your classroom.  We put together this quick and easy little "board." This space is actually where I hang my anchor charts, but I didn't need those on display, I wanted student work on display.  The students finished the prompt and colored their iPod. Easy peasy.

You can grab a copy of this quick project here.

Another idea is to spruce up your desks or table groups.  That's exactly what we did! The students wrote letters to their parents thanking them for attending and noting the things they wanted their families to look at.  We set these out with newly decorated name tags and bouquets of tissue flowers.

I had the students hide their well loved name plates in their desks and they made new ones. I simply cut some white card stock into strips (2 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches) and wrote the students' names on each one. Then, they used colored pencils to decorate!  This is my sample (and I really should have colored a bit darker...oops).  I will be laminating their name tags so that they can use them as bookmarks. They are very excited about this!

The finishing touch?  We made some fun tissue paper flowers to set out at our table groups.  Aren't they amazing?  The following Monday, I sent them home with the students (they each took home a mini bouquet).

My sweet colleague suggested this idea, and I am so glad she did!  It made our room look super cute, the parents were really impressed, and the kids had a blast.  And, they are super easy to make! 

To make these beauties, you need some tissue paper circles (I used 4 inch circles that I cut out on our die cut machine), pipe cleaners, and some "vases" (I used the small Mason jars).  Fold one end of the pipe cleaner over (twice).  Stick the opposite end through a mini stack of tissue circles (3-6 pieces).  Gently slide the circles up to the folded end.

Then, take your whole hand and scrunch the circles upward. 

Then, open the layers one at a time and rescrunch each one.

Finally, trim the stems and stuff them into some Mason jars!

Another fun idea is to set out any class books you might have.  My students were so excited to show these to their families!

Finally, to create a calm and welcoming environment, make it smell nice!  I can't be trusted with a Scentsy, but I love the Air Wick plug in air freshener.  I found a great tropical scent the other day and plugged it in.  Our room not only looked great, but it smelled great!  I realize this is soooo not necessary, but it's a nice touch.


Don't forget to visit these fabulous ladies to grab some more great ideas for Open House and more! And, if you've got some great Open House and More ideas to share, feel free to link up!

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  1. I LOVE how your bulletin board turned out! Too stinkin' cute! I also love your tissue paper flower idea. I pinned that so I can remember for next year! Just a little touch that means so much. -Jaime

  2. I love your iPods! Such a cute idea! And I totally want to make those fabulous flowers!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  3. I am in love with the flower project so thank you for the tutorial Aimee! What a great way to brighten up the room for your visitors! You have so many great ideas here to Pin and file away for my back to school night! I just downloaded your School Rocks to use for the end of the year bulletin board. Thanks SO much!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. I love your idea of bringing in a plug in! I usually use sprays (they smell good but don't last long at all.) And I'm all about having easy to maintain bulletin boards so your self portraits are right up my alley :-) I love how you removed the names under them so the parents could guess which portrait was their child's! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas!


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