We are Ready for RAK Week!

This year, I thought it would be fun to have my students participate in RAK Week.  Over the past few weeks, we have worked on several different ways to spread kindness around our school.  I thought it was important that the students focus on promoting kindness and happiness within the school community. After all, this is their world outside of home, it should be a place they want to be.  Now, the burning question is, are the acts still random even though they were pre-planned? Hehe.

Next week (which is RAK week) is a four day week for us, so I planned for four random acts of kindness.  We are going to kick off our kindness campaign with these kindness posters.  This is the sample I shared with the students.

Then, I paired the students up to make their own.  Here's a sampling of their creations.

They colored the poster, glued it to black paper, and then used these fun, sparkly foam stars to add a bit of pizazz. We made 11 posters in all.  I'm going to hang these posters around the school and leave them up the whole week.  Hopefully they remind others to be kind and spread a little kindness around!

You can grab a set of these FREE posters {HERE}.

On Tuesday, we're going to share these bookmarks with another class.  These bookmarks are a freebie from Ashley Hughes. Aren't they adorable?

Before we made them, I explained to the students that part of our RAK mission was to act anonymously.  I explained that we shouldn't be seeking attention for our acts.  Instead, the purpose of what we are doing is to bring joy to others, not recognition to ourselves.

On Wednesday, we will send a bag of Oreos to another class.  I'm sure that will bring some smiles to some little faces!  Since we are acting anonymously, the students signed this card with smiley faces.

On Thursday, our last RAK day of the week, we will send these hand made cards to another class.  The students used crayons and watercolors to make a simple card.  They wrote the words you see below with white crayon and then painted over the words using watercolor paint.  On the inside, they wrote fun messages like: "Have a great day!" and "You are awesome!" and " Don't forget to smile!" and so on.

The nice thing about kindness is that it can be spread any time, not just during RAK Week.  And, it can be done on a grand scale, or on a small scale.  Hopefully, you can use an idea or two to spread some kindness around your building!


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  1. I think Oreos and beautiful cards would make anyone's day bright!
    Awesome ideas. Can't wait to implement some of them :)
    Early Years with Sheri

    1. Thank you, Sheri! I'm so glad you can use the ideas!

      Have a good one,


  2. HI Do you have templates of your ideas Thanks!


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