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I'm really excited to be participating in a super fun blog hop brought to you by Primary Powers!

Teachers have stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Therefore, we have a never ending need/desire/nagging feeling to be as organized as possible.  Organization looks like different things to different people. To me, organization means that everything has a place.  It also means that things are easily accessible and tidy. So, hopefully today's organizational tips are helpful in making sure everything in your classroom has a place (fingers crossed), thereby keeping your space tidy.

Do you use crayons in your classroom?  Chances are, if you teach primary, well then, yes, you do.  Don't you just love it when there are random crayons scattered about the classroom floor at the end of each day? Rather than attempt to locate the owner of these unmarked, abandoned crayons, we add them to our crayon tub.  This tub is where all the poor, little lost crayons go to live.

NOTE: it's extra full right now because all of the students got new crayons recently and we dumped the old ones into this tub.  The students are free to use the crayons in this tub as needed.  It's so much nicer than hearing random blurts of, "I don't have a blue!"  They know they can just get up and get a blue, or whatever.

I love note cards!  I keep several sets on hand at school because you never know when you might need to tell someone thank you, or decide that you want to write a special note to a student.  Rather thank have 5 different packs of cards floating around inside my desk, I keep my cards organized in these mini expanding files from The Dollar Spot at Target.  They are perfect for holding all the cards and envelopes, and I can easily grab a card when needed!

It's no secret.  I'm a huge fan of brag tags!  And, so are my students!  These necklaces are only worn once a week, which means they have to be stored somewhere for safe keeping.  So, where do I store them?  On the wall behind our classroom door, of course!

That section of wall is totally and completely useless as far as posting resources or student work, but it is perfect for storing our necklaces!  Each hook (push pin) is labeled with students numbers, rather than names.

The numbers are actually calendar cards from my Polka Dots and Zebra Stripes Classroom Decor Pack. Using numbers is a huge time saver because I don't have to remake them year after year.  But, what I love best is that the kids can easily get to and return their necklaces without any issues of the necklaces getting lost or damaged.

Think you could use these calendar numbers to help keep you organized?  Then, go ahead and grab them {HERE} for free!

The next stop in the blog hop is the super talented Molly from Lucky to Be in First!  Be sure to visit her blog for more great ideas.  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. I love the title of your post! :) You look so organized! I have a crayon bin like that too. I love how your notecards are organized. I'm always digging around in my drawers for the right ones!

    Thanks for sharing your tips!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. I have a crayon tub in my classroom too. Overhear I give my students new packs of crayons for Christmas and their old ones get tossed into the tub which starts to overflow. So, Christmas week I take home to tub and melt down the crayons with different mixes of colors in an old muffin tin. They love coming back after break and having those to experiment with in centers, and the tub stays a bit more in control. I love your brag tags organization - so much neater than my mess. I am totally going to copy it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm so excited because now I have another reason to go and stock up on those expanding files from Target! I love that idea! -Jaime

  4. Can I come to your room? Your pics always look so super neat and organized!! Love it!
    A Burst of First

  5. Oohhhh brag tags, I'm totally interested in that!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  6. I use brag tags too and have my kiddos store their necklace on a hook with their number. I did have owl numbers but have done away with the owl theme and need some new ones. Thanks so much. These are perfect!
    Second Grade Perks
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