Activities to Practice Telling Time

Hey everyone!  Do you teach time?  If so, you know just how tricky this skill can be, and that it needs to be reviewed frequently.  So, how do you keep your practice and review fresh, fun, and engaging?  That is the topic of today's post.

The following is a collection of some of my favorite activities to pull out when we review our time telling skills.  I'm not sharing these in any particular order.  They are all meant to be used for the purpose of review, so pick and choose what you like!

Clock Crowns
Hats are kind of a big deal in my classroom.  We make them often.  I mean, you get to wear and show off what you know. How cool is that?  These clock crowns (hats) are a fun project that let kids do just that-show off their time telling skills.
The crown has a large clock in the front and four smaller clocks around the back.  Students draw clock hands on each clock.  For the smaller ones, they drew hands to show the time that the specified activity takes place each day (lunch, bedtime, etc). For the large clock, they picked their favorite time of day (sports practice, dinner, the time their favorite show comes on, etc.) and wrote that activity down and then drew clock hands to show when that event takes place.  They loved this project!

I was out of sentence strips when we made this, so we pieced strips of construction paper together to make the hat.  Click HERE to grab this freebie.

Structured Whole Group Engagement Activities
Scoot is such a fun game! It get the kids moving and they forget that they are even learning.  To play, set some task cards with clocks on them at each of the desks in your room.  On your cue, your students will scoot from desk to desk, writing down the time shown on each desk.  You can read more about Scoot here.

Flap Book (Sorting the Time)
Let your students play the role of the teacher as they complete a sort where they identify correct times from incorrect times.

What I love about Bingo is that it is a game that can be played over and over again.  I like to have my students make their own game boards. Then, I laminate them for reuse.  We can then play a few rounds of Bingo when we have a bit of extra time on our hands, or as a Fun Friday activity.

I Have, Who Has
This is another activity that is great for review when you have a few minutes, or when you are conducting your daily math warm up.  It doesn't take very long to play, but it makes for great practice.

Telling Time Mingle
Let your students make their own watches and then mingle around the room to read the time shown on each others watches.  The kids love this because they get to move around and talk to their peers, and you will love it because the kids are practicing an important skill.  It's a win-win.

You can find these activities, and more in my What Time Is It? pack.

I Spy
This Super Time Tellers I Spy activity is a great way to get your students moving around the room as they practice telling time.

Place the cards around your room and give your students a recording page.  You can tape the cards to your walls, place them on the floor, or both.  Students go from one card to the next and record the time shown on each.  You can read more about I Spy here.

And, you can grab this free I Spy activity here.

Sadly, it can't all be fun and games.  I have to assess here and there as well.  I like to use quick and easy assessments, like this one from my assessment pack.  

Time Check
Finally, time checks are a quick and easy way to make sure your students practice telling time daily. Simply print some time check slips, cut them out, and tape them to your students' desks.  Whenever you have time, call out "Time Check!"  That's your cue that the kids need to stop whatever they are doing, check the time, and write it down.  My kids looooove it when I call out, "Time Check!" randomly.  You can grab this freebie HERE.

I hope you can use an idea or two.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by today!

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