Keeping Things Organized!

Hey everyone!  If you're anything like me, you're always looking to keep things organized.  In my world, everything has a place.  I fear clutter.  Therefore, I am always looking for tips to keep my organizational game strong.

What I'm about to share is truly just a snippet of how I keep my classroom organized.  But, fret not, you can find more ideas HERE.  And, for Part 2 of this post, click HERE.

Tip #1: The I'm Done Box
My first organizational tool is one that I use every single day.  I don't know how I could manage student papers without it!  Throughout the course of one school day, my students complete several different assignments. Assignments that I either need to grade, check, or comment on.  My solution for keeping track of those assignments is my I'm Done box.

When the students finish an assignment that I need to see, they are told to put it in this box.  The assignments sit in this box until I am ready to tackle its contents.  If I collect the papers, there is a very good chance they will end up in the wrong pile on my desk and could get thrown out by accident.  Truth: this has happened-eek!

Tip #2: Highlighting Master Copies
My second organizational tip is another one that I use  I love this one, and my friend and neighbor suggested I share it with you today.

Do you have any master copies in your files that are copies of copies of copies?  You know what I'm talking about. Those masters that are all grayish looking and yucky because somewhere along the line the actual master was misplaced.  To help keep my master copies in tip top shape, I mark them with yellow highlighter. This way, I know which pages need to stay in my files and I don't end up with yucky old masters.   

Bonus: the highlighter does not show up when you make the copies, so there are no worries there!

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  1. LOVE the yellow highlighter tip!!! It will be especially helpful for the copies my students have access to-- it drives me NUTS when they take the last copy and I can't make new ones!

  2. I am lucky enough to have many helpers to make copies for me. The problem is I don't always get my masters back. Dirty copies really bug me too. I am going to start with my highlighting! Thanks for the great tip Aimee!

  3. I'm in love with your highlighter tip! I feel like you have been holding out on me! Why didn't I know about this long ago? Thank you for the awesome tip! Pinning now!

  4. The highlighter idea is perfect. I am so using that when I get back to school next week!

  5. Love the highlighter idea. I didn't know it didn't show up. Genius my friend! :)

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  6. I LOVE the highlighter tip!!! I had no idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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