Five for Friday and a Few Freebies!

It's time for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!  I know it's FIVE for Friday, but I've only got three random to share today.  Hehe.  Enjoy the freebies embedded in this post!

Like I mentioned, we started our spider unit.  To kick off the unit, I gave each student a post it note.  I asked them to write one thing they knew about spiders on their note (a spider fact) and then they placed their notes on the chart below.

Then, we read a book about spiders.  I love, love, love the National Geographic series (above). The text is completely age appropriate and the photographs are amazing.  After reading the book, we went back and checked for misconceptions. There were none; I was so impressed!  I then wrote their facts onto the chart with marker. We also added a few new facts that we learned from the read aloud.

In other spider related news, we also used these little critters to help us practice using adjectives.  I gave the students a set of adjectives, some applied to spiders and some did not.  The students colored the adjectives that could be used to describe a spider.  Finally, they cut those words out and glued them around a picture of a spider.

Click {here} to grab this FREE activity!

On to fact families!  This week we spent a few days reviewing fact families.  Here's a look at the different activities we did.  They were loads of fun and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

This adorable fact family craft is from my sweet friend Deirdre from A Burst of First.  You can grab Deirdre's freebie {here}.

We also used one of the levels of play from my Spin a Fact Family pack.  This was the second time I brought this activity out this year, but you would have thought it was the first.  Paperclip spinners are the coolest...when you're seven.  Hehe.  They really enjoyed this activity, which is great because it means they didn't really realize that they were doing math.  ;)

We also played a game of I Spy.  I posted these fact family domino cards around the room, and the students wrote the fact family for each domino.  Another hit!  Click {here} to grab this activity for FREE!

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  1. I'm loving all your pictures. We start our Spider Unit after our Fall Break. Thank you for the Freebie! I'll use that activity with our Math with Games station!

    1. Hi Lawren!

      Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are able to use the freebie! Enjoy!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Thanks so much for the spider activity. We are learning about spiders AND adjectives this week, so excited to get this.


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