Collective Noun Unit...Update Alert!!

Hey, everyone!  This is just a quick post to share an updated unit with you.  I'm getting ready to cover collective nouns with my students and I decided it was time to give my unit, A Collection of Collective Nouns, an update.

I always enjoy covering this skill with my students because it is a great way to expose them to new vocabulary.  Here's a look at what's included in this unit!

There is a mini book and poster that I like to use to introduce the concept of collective nouns.  The mini book is interactive!  There are also a few activity pages that you could use in class, for homework, or as an assessment tool.

A favorite whole group engagement activity in my classroom is Find Your Partner, so of course I included materials that could be used for this activity.  You could also use the cards in a game of memory.

Two new additions to the file include a game of I Spy and a class book (I love class books).

There are also some writing prompts, and, as always, suggestions for use are also included.  Here is a preview of the entire file.

If you already own this unit, be sure to head over to your "My Purchases" page on TpT to download the updated version.

If you don't own it, but would like to, click {HERE} to be taken to the product page on TpT. 

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