Verbs {Ideas & Activities for the Primary Classroom}

This week, we had some fun with verbs.  Common Core doesn't really address "normal" verbs in the second grade standards, just irregular past tense verbs, and shades of meaning among verbs.  However, I think you would all agree with me when I say that in order to teach to CCSS, a responsible teacher needs to make sure his/her students know what a verb actually is, right?  So, that's what we focused on in grammar this week.

This week, we reviewed verbs by reading this fun book.  I ordered it as part of a complete set from Scholastic several years back, but there are used copies available on Amazon.

As we read the book, we wrote the verbs we encountered in the story on this chart.

Then, I gave each of my table groups a 12x18 piece of construction paper with the name of a place written across the top.  I tasked each group with writing down the things they could do at that place.  I gave them about 5 minutes.  Each student had a marker and they worked together to bounce words off one another and then write them on their poster.

We also spent some time distinguishing nouns from verbs.  We have spent a great deal of time on nouns, but I felt it was important that the students demonstrate an understanding of a difference between the two.

I found a great freebie from More than Math by Mo that specifically addresses this skill.  The freebie is a center, but I used it whole group.

I gave each student 2 word cards and they took turns coming up to the board to sort their words into the categories "noun" or "verb."  Each time a student came to the board, the others acted as experts and showed a thumbs up or down.  There were a lot of thumbs up because they all did a great job recognizing their word as being a noun or a verb.

I followed up this activity with this fun page from More than Math by Mo.

Next week, we will work with irregular verbs.  I plan to introduce the concept with this book (not all the pages are shown here).

The kids will also play a fun game called Arrsk Me a Question where they quiz one another on their irregular verb skills...using a pirate voice (it gets them moving around, the get to talk like a pirate, and they are practicing an important skill).  It's always a hit with my students!

Finally, the kids will complete this word sort.  They will determine if each word in the given set is written in the past tense correctly, or incorrectly.

All of these irregular verb activities can be found in my Arrrsome Irregular Verbs pack on TpT.


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  1. Super cute verb activities! I'll be hitting this again in the next month or so!

    Success in Second Grade
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  2. What fun verb activities! I'm really big on playing the School House Rock videos for my class when we discuss different parts of speech and then continue to play the audio version while they work on small tasks. We sing, sing, sing until we know it! Whatever works, right??
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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