Bringing the Pictograph to Life

I was going to wait until Thursday to share this idea with you, but I decided to go for it anyway!

This week we started graphing in enVision Math.  There isn't really anything bad about this topic; it does a decent job of covering this skill/standard.  However, it isn't very much fun to just sit there and fill out bar graph after bar graph (or pictograph for that matter).  So, I decided to make today's lesson a bit more hands-on and engaging. 

After I introduced the concept of the pictograph, we worked together to make this:

This pictograph served as a replacement to the front page of our daily handout. If you aren't familiar with the enVision series, there is always an exercise on the front of the daily handout (that is, typically, minimally hands-on) that the students generally complete with a partner, once you have presented a new concept.

After we made this graph together, we then completed the remainder of the lesson handout. I think it helped break up the monotony of the handout a bit.

The kids loved the activity.  They especially loved gluing that little guy on the graph as they crossed their fingers that their flavor would "win." 

As you can tell, I simply made the graph out of butcher paper.  I printed out small images of a little kid (thank you Melonheadz) and gave one to each student.  They colored in their little guy and glued him to the graph.  We also used the graph to read the data and review key terms such as "title," "categories," and "symbol."  I'm planning to keep our class graph up throughout the remainder of the unit.

On another note, I've been getting myself ready for next year.  Yes, next year.  I always start getting ready for the following year once mid-April rolls around.  I've been working on my classroom theme as well as making copies that I know I will need (first week materials, daily math fact review, spelling, etc).  It makes for a much less stressful return in August when we report back.

I'm waiting for my binding combs to arrive so I can bind those All About Me Books.  I'm waiting, Amazon....

Check back in a few days as I'm planning to share another graphing activity.  Toodles!
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  1. I am right there with you sister!! I have started my planning and copying for next year too! BTW your pictograph idea is super cute. I am sure the kids loved it!
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