Lovin' Contractions and a Freebie for You!

Today we made these super adorable contraction banners.

After briefly reviewing contractions at the start of our lesson, the students chose a contraction from the contraction scoot recording sheet from yesterday.  They used that contraction to make their super cute sign.

As you can see, on the first two hearts the students wrote the two words that are used to make a contraction.  They are separated by a plus sign. After the second heart is an equal sign.  Then, on a third heart, they wrote the contraction that those words form.

The hearts are taped to ribbon (5/8 inch wide by approximately 1 1/2 feet per student).  You could also glue them to the ribbon, but I can't stand white glue, so tape is my preferred method. No matter how you attach them, the end result is super cute!

I just **love** projects that reinforce concepts but also add a bit of festivity to the classroom.  The students enjoyed selecting their own contraction to work with and they always get excited when we make fun holiday projects. 

If you like this project, you can get the templates for free by clicking {HERE}, or by clicking either image (your download will not have my logo plastered across it; I promise).

I hope you can use this freebie!

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  1. Love the contraction hearts! Might have to do that with mine too! Thanks for the freebie and great ideas.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. Love this - will be using it this week!

  3. Your contraction hearts idea is PERFECT! I will be doing it with my kiddos this week. Thanks a bunch for the cute idea.


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