What's the Problem {The Holiday Edition}

I hope you're ready for the new  Holiday Edition  of my "What's the Problem?" mini books.

What is a "What's the Problem?" mini book, you ask?  It's a fun little book that the students use to practice writing story (word) problems.  The students are given the answer to a math problem on each page of a mini book.  They use this answer to write a story (word) problem to fit that answer.  

I always have my students write 3 sentences. The first two sentences tell the story, and the last sentence must be a question. For example:

Jason placed 3 presents under the tree.  Then, he placed 9 more presents under the tree.  How many presents did Jason place beneath the tree?

They are also required to use the label throughout their story. When they are ready to, I let them try to "trick" the reader (this is optional). They do this by adding extra, unnecessary information to their word problem.  

Believe it or not, they love writing their math stories!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. Actually, I have been a member, but have not been stalking very much lately...lol!! What great ideas!! I love the mini math books!! Bookmarked your blog cause it's fabulous!!


  2. I love this idea! Saw your other one but ran out of time...hopefully I can get this one done before Christmas!

  3. Oh, yeah! I missed your Thanksgiving set of What's the Problem, but my kids really enjoyed the Halloween ones! Thanks for sharing! Sara

  4. I teach gifted kids and I have just discovered your "What's the Problem?" booklets. I've printed them and have them ready for my kids to complete as choice work when then complete assignments. I LOVE them!!! Have I missed any? I found Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
    Teaching with a Twist

  5. This was the best math find all year! I love the thinking that kids need to do in order to complete these. Challenging & rigorous! Thank YOU!


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