We Had a Bubble Fun Day!!

Today we had a Bubble Day!  Curious as to what that means or what that looks like?  Then, keep on reading.

I love planning different themed days as our school year comes to a close.  It's a great way to let the kids have fun while still maintaining a structured learning environment.  Bonus: the kids have fun with the theme and forget they are learning!

I like to keep my theme days a secret from the students.  They always know that I have something fun planned, but they never know exactly what that is until they get to school the day of.  So, to introduce Bubble Day to the students, I placed these fun notes and bubble wands on their desks.

These wands are from our FOSS kits and were perfect to use with the mega jug (100 oz.) of bubbles I bought from Walmart. I'm jumping ahead a smidge, but I simply poured a bit of bubble solution into small cups for the students when it was time to blow bubbles. 

In years past, I have also given students their own container of bubbles.  Having done it both ways, I can tell you that the kids love it either way.  I also made a note for those years when I give the students their own container. 

You can grab both of these notes HERE.

To get the students thinking about bubbles, I had them begin the day by completing this organizer. 

So, like I said, I poured some bubble solution into some small cups for the students (plastic bathroom sized cups). I filled them about half full.  Then, the students used their bubble solution to blow some bubbles!

Well, OK, there was more to it than that.  As always, I had an ulterior, educational, motive in mind.  As they blew their bubbles, the students completed a bubble observation.  I told them that they were going to be bubble scientists and their job was to record their observations of the bubbles they blew.

After the bubble observation, the students went back and added more information to their organizer from earlier in the day. 

Then, we learned about the science of bubbles.  I read the book Pop! and then the students made this mini book demonstrating their understanding of key details in the text that I read aloud. 

Then, we played Scoot.  I placed cards with bubble related words printed on them at the students' desks and they identified the word printed on each as a noun, verb, or adjective.  Some of the words included in the game were bottle, delicate, float, wand, and blow.  My apologies, but in the craziness that was this day, I didn't take a pic of the Scoot game exclusively, but you can see it in this image below.  

We also reviewed our expanded form skills with a quick game of I Have, Who Has (shown above).  Again, my apologies for not having photos of these in isolation.  Not only was it Bubble Day, but it was also our grade level yearbook signing and we had a water safety assembly.

Typically, I like to have my students write directions explaining how to blow a bubble when I host a Bubble Day, but because of the other events that took place on this day, I opted for a poem.  The students wrote a cinquain about bubbles.  I love cinquains because the students are challenged to think of certain types of words that relate to their topic.  Also, because they are limited as to how many adjectives, verbs, etc. they can use in this type of poem, they usually put a bit more thought into choosing their words.

Bubble Day was a hit!  And, even though we had a few other school events going on, we had a super fun day, filled with lots of laughs and learning. 

All of these activities/resources, plus many more, can be found in my Let's Have a Bubble Day! unit on TPT.


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  1. EEEEk this makes me excited!! I can only imagine your kiddos!!

    Jessica Stanford
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  2. This looks like SO much fun!!!!! :-) We may have to do this the last week of school!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. It was an extremely fun day for all of us. They got a bit excited from time to time, as I'm sure you can imagine, but overall it was a winner of a day. I can't wait to do it every year from here on out!



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