Three Digit Addition and Subtraction is Fun!

This week in math we have been reviewing three-digit addition and subtraction.  Let's be honest, this isn't a very exciting topic in math.  Since we finished up the unit in our math series, we have continued to work on this skill.  Three-digit add/sub is kind of our big hurrah in second grade these days so I figure the students should have a firm grasp on it before leaving me. 

Each day we have done a different activity to practice this skill.  Each one has been engaging, interesting, and fun.  Today when I told them they would be practicing this skill once more, they actually got excited...over three-digit addition and subtraction, my friends.  Weird, but awesome!  Here are a few of the activities we've done.

Roll a Number Sentence: The students rolled three numbers and used them to make two different 3-digit numbers (largest number possible and smallest number possible).  Then, they added those numbers together.  They also completed a subtraction version.  Every time they rolled a number or got a large sum, they announced it to their peers.  Who would have thought they would enjoy it so much?

5 in a Row: This partner game is always a hit in my room.  For this version, they used the pink and purple cubes pictured above to build a number sentence.  They used scratch paper to solve each problem.  I bribed them to be extra careful with the cubes and it worked because I will be able to use them again next year. Woo hoo!

Spin a Number Sentence: I had the students complete an addition and subtraction version of this activity.  They used a paperclip and the spinners at the top of their page to build number sentences.  Once again, there was a lot of announcing going on, "Whoa, I got 638!"  I figured as long as they were excited about what they were doing, I'd let it go.  They loved this!

All of these activities came from my Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Fun Pack.  Since we haven't used all of the activities in the pack yet, we will likely do some more review of this skill next week.  I think I'll keep it secret and surprise them (still can't get over how much they are liking this skill-yipee!).
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  1. Great ideas for 3 digit subtraction. And your kids think it's fun! I'll have to put your pack on my wishlist.

  2. So sweet, Sara, thank you! They really are enjoying it and I was pleased to hear from a colleague who has also been using it that her students were just as into it. Yippee!! Thanks for commenting!


  3. Three digit addition is very easy if we know how to add two digit numbers.Addition and subtraction is a very important topic of mathematics as it is the base of whole subject.It is the primary manipulation which a student should know to excel in the subject.
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  4. Can't believe I didn't find you before! Glad I did! newest follower:)


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