They Can't Get Enough!

Last week we wrapped up our unit on fractions.  Before we took the unit test, we played a game of fraction bingo.  What I love about this activity is that the students make their own bingo cards!

I gave each student a coloring guide and a fraction shapes page. They used the coloring guide to color each fraction shape.  I had them color code their fractions as well (halves were green, thirds were pink, and so on).

When they were done coloring in their fractions, they cut them out and glued them to a blank bingo card.  This way, each card is different and I didn't have to make 20 different cards!

Once their boards were done, we played several rounds of bingo.  I used the coloring guide to call out different fractions and the students used unifix cubes to cover their fractions as they were called out.  Bingo winners in my class get a sticker.  It isn't much, but I will tell you what, they think it's awesome!

Since then, my students have asked, D.A.I.L.Y, if we can play this game.  How do you say no to that?  You don't! 

So far, we have managed to play one game a day, even though we are now well into our unit on line plots.  The kids now keep two towers of cubes in their desks so they are ready to play at a moment's notice.  With end of the year testing coming up, I am all about reviewing concepts whenever I can and since they truly enjoy this game, I'm simply not going to fight it.

You can find this game in my TPT store!  I'm looking forward to our mid week game tomorrow!
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  1. Now that's adorable! I did a similar game with animal habitats. Next year I'll have to check up on this. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. I'm so glad you like the idea! When I finally had the kids take their boards home (a few days ago) they were really bummed and said they were going to make more at home so their parents could play with them. I couldn't believe what a hit it was!

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