Hands-On Addition & Subtraction w/Regrouping

This past week in math we finished up our unit on money.  With only three days before Spring Break I really didn't want to start anything new with my kiddos.  So, I whipped up a few resources for them to review their two-digit addition and subtraction, with and without regrouping (geesh, that's a mouthful).


I wanted them to review these important skills but thought it would also be good if I could incorporate some other review skills.  So, I came up with three different activities:
  • a two-digit addition sum sort (sums are sorted into the categories even and odd)
  • a two-digit subtraction sort (differences are sorted into the categories regrouping and no regrouping)
  • a two-digit addition and subtraction sort (answers were sorted into the categories of greater than and less than 50).
Each sort was put together as a booklet.  I simply folded 12 x 18 inch construction paper half.  The students glued a cover page to their booklet and then cut out the sort headers and glued them to the "pages" on the inside.  After they solved all of the math problems they cut them out and glued onto the pages of their booklet.  I used a different color of construction paper for each book.  Here are a few pics (please excuse the blur):

Let's be honest, when focusing on the written method things can become a bit boring, especially when you're 7!  But, the kids LOVED this project.  I wasn't quite sure how they would take to three days of it, but they honestly didn't care...they love to cut and glue and make a mess all over the floor.  They are doing math, but they think they are doing a "project."  Well, I guess in a way it is a project. 

Not only did they love these activities, but they did awesome!  Yes, I checked every single one.  There were minor errors here and there, to be expected, but overall they were very successful.  Yay! 

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Happy sorting!
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