A Fun Student Gift Idea

Hey everyone!  This week, I will be passing out small gifts to my students and thought I would share the idea with you.  It turned out really cute and wasn't all that difficult to put together.  I found a similar idea on Pinterest and made it my own.

Ta da!

Here's what I did.  First, I cut out the snow caps using my ancient Cricut.  Ancient, as in it's one of the first models they made.  I'm not cool enough to own a Silhouette Cameo-ha!

The snow cap can be found on the Simply Charmed cartridge set.  If you don't have a cutting machine, you could always just fold over the top of the bag, staple it in place, and glue a bow on top of the staple.

Next, I placed a packet of hot cocoa, some marshmallows, and a small card into a cellophane treat sack (you can find these at Michael's, Walmart, and even Target).
Click the image above to grab a copy of the cards from Google Docs (remember, I've already shared it with you, simply select download from the "File" menu).

After that, I folded the top of the bag down and stapled the snow cap to hide the fold and to serve as a bag topper.  Again, if you don't have a Cricut, skip the bag topper idea, it will still be a huge hit with your kiddos!

Are you planning to do students gifts this year?

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Five for Friday {12-6-2013}

It's Friday!  It's Friday!  That means I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.


Warning: you are about to be photo bombed.

School Related Random #1: We have been working on two-digit subtraction this week.  We use the enVision series, which means there is a lot of repetition and not a lot of high interest.  As I pulled out today's lesson, I just about gagged over another boring lesson.  Inspiration hit and this was born.

As the students took their two minute timed math fact quiz, I ran out to the copier in our pod and copied a class set of light bulbs.  Each student created four lights.  After they solved their four problems, I checked their work and gave them a Sharpie to trace over their pencil. They cut out the light bulbs and I taped them to a piece of yarn.

Side note: We used some of the enVision worksheet.  If you are familiar with the series, we did the "Guided Practice" together, and then the students chose four problems from the "Independent Practice" page and used those number sentences to create their Christmas lights.  They were actually excited to do their subtracting today!

School Related Random #2: The other day, I served my students a small sample of hot cocoa, as well as a small sample of chocolate milk.  After trying both beverages, they wrote an opinion paragraph about which drink they preferred.  Today, they published their writing in the form of a mini book.  So cute!

This prompt and craft are from my Write On! The Winter Edition pack on TpT.

School Related Random #3: On Monday, I sent home a take-home project.  The students were asked to decorate a Christmas tree.  I always encourage them to be as creative as possible.  Here's a sampling of our creative trees.  The trees are now decorating our walls.

Home Related Random #4:  This past weekend, Little Peanut's Elf on the Shelf returned from the North Pole.  We welcomed Chihuahua back with a little North Pole breakfast.  Little Peanut loved waking up to this table and fun meal!

 Home Related Random #5: Elf mania continues!  Chihuahua has been up to a few antics this week (nothing too over the top, Little Peanut is only 4).  My favorite is the one where he covered himself in stickers.  Ha!

He also took a marshmallow bath, but I didn't take a picture that day.

Be sure to head on over to Doodle Bugs to see what everyone else has been up to!

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Snowball Scoot {Just Sharin' a New Freebie}

I am a planner.  I am always thinking down the road and prioritizing my tasks.  I take a slight thrill in making a to do list, only to cross things off that list.  I think I've made my point.  Hehe.

Well, because I'm a planner, I have been busy planning out my next few weeks and decided that it would be a good idea to review two-digit addition and subtraction before our Winter Break.  I immediately thought of Scoot.

My students never, ever tire of Scoot (and thank goodness for that).  Click here to read all about this amazing engagement strategy, and grab some tips and tricks while you're there.

So, back to our review.  I needed a resource that had my students practicing both addition and subtraction, so I made one.  :)


Now, I know I can't be the only second grade teacher out there looking to review these skills, so if you could use this activity, then be sure to grab this freebie on TpT.


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