Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Freebies!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Friday is almost here, which means that Halloween is quickly approaching.  For me, it's approaching even sooner as we will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, not Friday.  Friday is actually a state holiday (not Halloween related, but the kids aren't entirely convinced of that). Read on for some festive freebies!

My kids are going to flip when they get one of these fun Halloween tags to add to their collection of brag tags. Usually the kids have to earn their brag tags, but when it comes to a fun holiday like Halloween, they won't have to earn this tag. I plan to give each student one of these tags so they can remember our day of Halloween festivities at school.

You can grab these for FREE by clicking {here}.  I've included color and black/white versions.

Are you familiar with brag tags?  I've used them for two years now, and I love them! I give out special tags for special days, exceptional behavior, achieving milestones, working hard, setting a great example and so on.  Students can earn new tags at any point in time.  When they do, they add it to their necklace.  The students wear their brag tags every Friday, and also any time they earn a new tag.
These brag tags are from Alison Rose and Miss Nelson.

Ok, on to freebie number two!  I also created these gift tags to attach to small gift bags of goodies for my students, and the students in my daughter's class.

Since I can't give out food or candy (too many allergies), I like to give my students a little something, and a goodie bag of stickers, bubbles, etc. is perfect.  And, perfectly easy.  You can grab these FREE tags by clicking {here}.  I've included color and black/white versions.

Happy Halloween!
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  1. My class has a collection of brag tags but none as fun as these! Thank you so much for sharing them. This is way better than candy! :) The spider tags are great because they can go on ANYTHING! Perfect!


    1. Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like them and can use them. I hope they make your students smile!


  2. My Halloween brag tags are printed, laminated and ready to go for tomorrow. Thanks for the great freebie friend! :)

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. You are so welcome, Marcy! I'm so glad you could use them. I will think good thoughts for you tomorrow, and may you have a relaxing weekend when the festivities are all said and done!



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