Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Year is Looking Bright {Back to School Gifts}

I have been working on a back to school gift idea for my students this past week.  Our school hosts a "Meet and Greet" the Friday before school starts and I always set a little something out for the kids.  I also like to give them a little something on the first day of school.  Is it necessary?  No, but I think it helps put the kids at ease and it makes them happy!

I plan to share this cute and simple gift with my students at our Meet and Greet.

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest (click HERE to see the original pin), but it was a dead link.  I was hoping the pin might lead me to a free tag, but no luck.  So, I made my own!

To make this easy gift, simply print the number of tags you need and cut them to size. You can grab the tag {HERE}.

You will also need to cut some scrapbook paper (I cut mine 4 x 6 inches).  Clearly, I like a wild combination of prints, but use whatever makes you happy!

Next, tape two glow bracelets (I got mine at Michael's: 15 bracelets for $1) to the center of the cut scrapbook paper.

To attach the label to the scrapbook paper, glue along the top and bottom only.  Then, place the label over the bracelets (by placing the glue at the top and bottom you avoid getting glue on the bracelets).  I used rubber cement, but a glue stick would work just fine.

That's all there is to it!  Click {HERE} to grab a copy of these labels.  I left some space at the bottom of the glow stick label for your signature. ;)

Are you still here?  If so, I've got another back to school freebie for you!  Just print, cut, and attach to a bag of Goldfish crackers.  Click here to download.  Enjoy!


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Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Glittery Clothespins {Monday Made It}

It's time for Monday Made It!  I'm linking up with Tara for this fun linky.

I made a few things for school this week. My first "made it" is this collection of sparkly clothespins.  Oh la la!

Now, I realize that embellished clothespins are nothing new, but it finally dawned on me that it would be a lot more efficient for me, in the long run, to display my students' work using the clothespins as opposed to stapling them in place every month.

Here's a list of the materials I used:
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Neon food coloring
  • Tacky glue
  • Foam brush
  • Glitter (the really fine kind)
  • Clear sealant (I used a spray Mod Podge sealer)
  • Thumbtacks
  • Hot glue gun
First, I soaked the clothespins in a colored water bath. Truth be told, I did this because initially, I painted the tops of my clothespins but thought they looked weird with color on the tops, but not the sides, etc.  I added lots of drops of neon food coloring to warm water and let the clothespins soak for about 3 hours.  Basically, the more drops you use, the darker the color will be.

Then, I let them dry (overnight) and covered the top of each one with tacky glue.  I used a foam brush to spread the glue on the clothespin evenly.

Next, I dipped the gluey side into a pile of glitter and sprayed the whole batch with Mod Podge spray sealer so that the glitter doesn't fall off all over the place.

Finally, I hot glued a thumbtack to the back of each clothespin. Now, I can hang student work more quickly and it will add a dash of fancy to the students' work!

I also made these tissue poms for the wall. I followed the DIY directions that Schoolgirl Style shares {HERE}.

To prepare them for the wall, I glued a piece of card stock to the back of each pom (so I have a flat surface to work with).

I'm going to use 3M mounting squares to attach them to the wall (they are removable, which is good because we are required to strip down our walls at the end of each year, but 3M also makes a permanent version).


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back to School Photo Props

I have a fun freebie to share with you today!

 Last year I took first day of school photos of my second graders (and own child). It was really fun printing up the images and sending them home.  I think a lot of parents are so rushed on the first day, that many of them don't even think about taking a picture of their children.

I definitely plan on taking photos again this year, so I made a set of printable First and Last Day of School signs.  The set includes signs for Pre-K through 6th grade. There is also a "generic" sign that reads "First Day of School."


I printed out these sample pages as I plan on using both. (By the way, I would love to figure out how to take a decent photo indoors....this was taken with the indoors setting!)

I hope you enjoy my new freebie!  Click {HERE} to grab your free copy from my Freebies tab.

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for some seasonal fun!


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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Rockin' Accent Piece {Monday Made It}

Yippee!  It's Monday again!  You know what that means, it means I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her super fun Monday Made It linky!

When I was at Michael's one day, I stumbled upon a guitar shaped frame in the wood section.  It was cheap and I just knew I could do something with it in my new rock star classroom.  Here is what I came up with.  I love it!

I am going to use it as wall decor.  Right now, I am planning to place it in the corner of one of my bulletin boards.

Instead of nailing it to the wall, I will be using my favorite hanging tool, 3M hanging velcro.  I LOVE this stuff (I'm pretty sure that I've shared that with you before).

 See, I love them so much, I buy the value pack (and, it's already half empty).  Hehe.

These are the materials I used to make this little gem:

The paint is my favorite part.  It has glitter in it!  What?! I was going to try and figure out how to put glitter in it myself, but as soon as I saw this, I was sold!  I mean, glitter and rock stars go hand in hand!

I also used these materials.

First, I painted the guitar using the turquoise Craft Smart Paint.

Then, I painted the glitter paint over it (it is too sheer to use on wood by itself).

Finally, I cut the scrapbook paper to size and placed it in the photo slot.  I finished the whole project by tying a bow and hot gluing it to the guitar handle.

I loved how it turned out that I made a second one to match!

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