Countdown to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!  My fellow Weekend Warriors and I thought it might be fun to share some fun Valentine ideas with you this month.  Hopefully, you'll find a few ideas to use in your classroom this year!

Sit back and relax, because I've got a few favorites to share with you.  If you read all the way through, there might be a surprise waiting for you.  ;)

Every year, I let the kids exchange Valentines. It is not mandatory, but usually everyone participates because it's loads of fun!  To accommodate the piles of cards, candies, and trinkets they bring in, I always have my kids make some sort of pouch, bag, or box to hold all their cards.  This year, we are going to make these cute envelope pouches.

They are easy peasy to make.  Simply take a 12x18 inch piece of construction paper and fold it in half, hamburger style (match up the shorter sides).  Then, show the students how to draw the lines shown below.  I drew the top two lines first, and then added the ones at the bottom.

After that, add some dashed lines (if you want, of course), and attach a cute heart!  I cut these ones out on my Cricut (yep, I still have one of those ancient machines), but I will show my students how to cut out a heart when we make them in class.

During our party, I usually serve a snack, instead of asking the students to bring in oodles of food that never gets eaten.  I love making strawberry floats with licorice straws (and so do the kids).  Simply scoop some vanilla ice cream into a cup, pour in some strawberry soda, and add a piece of licorice.  They are fun and tasty!


The month of February wouldn't be complete without a Valentine related bulletin board!  My favorite bulletin board project is from my Love Bots Craftivity pack.  The robots always turn out so cute!  They make me smile!!!

The kids also wrote about someone who makes their heart go "Beep! Beep!"  It was a fun project and our bulletin board looks amazing!

Finally, I always give my students a little gift.  I like to do different things each year.  This year, I will be giving them a small container of bubbles.

I found these bubbles in the new (super small) party favor section at Michael's. It was a pack of 24 bubbles for super cheap.  I love super cheap (just a few dollars with my coupon).

The containers are super small, which means the labels are super small too, but if you'd like to use them, you can grab them {HERE} for free!  See, I told there might be a surprise waiting for you!


Be sure to visit these lovelies to see what great ideas they have in store for you!

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  1. Your lovebots turned out so adorable! I know my kiddos would go crazy for those floats! Thanks for the great new ideas and the bubble signs too! :)


  2. Love the simple, but cute Valentine envelopes...I think even we can manage these! Fun ideas for a party, too!

  3. I just pinned those floats! I must try them :)
    Can't wait to get them nice and hyper and then send them home.
    My Second Sense


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