Strawberry Floats, Conversation Hearts, and More

Valentine's Day isn't on my personal top 5 holiday list, but I certainly make sure to have some fun with it in my classroom.  Our students deserve to have some fun at school every once in a while, am I right?

Here is a look at how we spent our Valentine's Day (we celebrated yesterday because today was a staff development day).  I started the day by leaving these cute treats on the students' desks.  Can you believe that these were both freebies on TpT?

Click {here} for Alison's sweet brag tags.
Click {here} for the adorable little note.

In math, we used conversation hearts to practice our addition and graphing skills, using two more amazing freebies!  Cara Carroll shared this fun cupid addition freebie on her blog.  The kids loved it!  

They also loved this graphing activity from Sarah Shelton.

The kids also played Forget Me Not Five in a Row.  You can grab a free copy by clicking here.

It doesn't look like either player got five in a row when playing this round of the game.  He he.
We also used our conversation hearts to write some sweet (and silly) stories, compliments of Kelley Dolling.  You should have heard the kids laughing as they read their stories to each other.

We spent the last hour of the day celebrating. I use that term loosely as I do not do a huge party.  Instead, we pass out cards and enjoy a special (surprise) treat.

As a homework project, I had the kids decorate a box to hold all of their valentines.

I had the students pass out their cards, one table group at a time.  When they opened their cards, I had them get out of their seat to thank each other.

I gave each of my students this fun gift.  You can read more about it {here}.

As the students passed out their cards/treats, I worked on making each of the kids a strawberry float.  All you need is ice cream, strawberry soda, some licorice (it makes for a fun straw), and a spoon!

The kids loved the floats.  At one point, all I heard was slurping as they used their licorice straws to try and get the last bit of soda in their cups.

Even though it was a festive day, it was still low key.  Best of all, the kids had a blast, as evidenced by the fact that I heard them say, over and over, "today is the best day ever!"

I hope you all had some Valentine themed fun with your kiddos today!
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  1. Man! I am doing strawberry floats next year... SO SMART!!

    Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

    1. Thanks! They are so fast and easy, and a huge hit with the students! Happy Valentine's Day!



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